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40 MPG Cars: 2001-2013

While fuel efficiency might seem like the latest craze, we’ve been tuned into it for years. 40 MPG cars are nothing new. Other sources may be content to simply throw up a photograph and a paragraph or two about any given economy car. We take the time to put hundreds and hundreds of miles on each and every odometer. We test for real-world fuel-efficiency with a light-footed driving style … because mileage matters.

Through comprehensive testing, we’ve found that a number of cars are capable of exceeding their highway fuel efficiency ratings when driven conscientiously. Some cars rated in the high 30 MPG range can eclipse the 40 MPG mark. It’s all in the way you drive. Over the last few years, we’ve tested a range of 40 MPG (highway) cars, including:

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2011 Mazdaspeed3 Review

MPG-o-Matic 2011 Mazdaspeed3 Review Summary: Dollar-for-dollar, the 2011 Mazdaspeed3 delivers surprising levels of both performance and fuel efficiency. The official numbers fail to tell the true tale. To the unknowing, the Speed3 looks like a Mazda3, with cosmetic touches; it’s what’s under the skin that makes all the difference.

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2010 Mazda3 Sedan Review

MPG-o-Matic 2010 Mazda3 Review Summary: The 2010 Mazda3 is a blast to drive and can be more frugal at the pump than one might be lead to believe. As one of the best handling front-wheel-drive compacts on the market today, this affordably-priced sport sedan offers a brilliant alternative to a hum-drum life. Scoff at the big grinning grille and Zoom-Zoom tag line if you must. Once you drive one, you’ll understand.

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2010 Mazda6 s Grand Touring Review

MPG-o-Matic Mazda6 s Grand Touring Review Summary: The Mazda6 s Grand Touring provides a boldly-styled sporting alternative to the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, and Nissan Altima. With a willing 3.7-liter V6 engine, responsive six-speed automatic transmission, and four-wheel-independent suspension, the Mazda6 s Grand Touring delivers the Zoom Zoom in a sufficiently roomy four-door sedan.

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Mazda CX-7 MPG Review

Mazda CX-7 MPG-o-Matic CX-7 Review Summary: . The AWD Mazda CX-7 stands apart from the flock of five-seat crossovers, with a truly sporting approach and a distinctive design. No question about it … this is the driver’s CUV.

The sporty 2009 Mazda CX-7 is available in both all-wheel- (AWD) and front-wheel-drive (FWD) configurations, with three levels of trim: Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring.

The CX-7 is equipped with a 2.3 liter Direct-Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The turbo four produces 244 horsepower (HP) and 258 foot pounds of torque.
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