Best Mileage 2014 AWD & 4WD Vehicles

While All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) is essential when inclement weather and rough roads are the norm, it takes its toll on fuel economy. The AWD version of any car, truck, SUV or crossover will get less miles per gallon (MPG) than the FWD or RWD version, due to the added weight and friction losses inherent in the drivetrain. Nevertheless, the auto manufacturers have made recent strides to increase AWD efficiency.

A6_TDI-2014-white Today’s powerful turbodiesel engines – as in the chart topping 328d xDrive and splendid Audi A6 TDI (at right) – have changed the game. 4×4 trucks are great for off-roading, but when it comes to getting great MPGs, AWD sedans, wagons and crossovers take the cake.

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