Are Gasoline Credit Cards Worth It?

If you’re looking for ways to save a buck or two at the service station at fill up time, you’ve probably been tempted by a multitude of gasoline credit card offers. Gone are the days when you could fill up at the local family-owned station and have them “put it on the account.” It was a very cool thing, way back when … not only was gasoline inexpensive, but our local station charged a modest amount of interest and didn’t charge at all if you paid your bill in full each month.

Are Gas Company Credit Cards Worth it?

While saving a nickel or two on every gallon with a service station credit card may sound like a good deal, it can cost you in the long run. Paying up at the end of each month is key these days, as well. If those gasoline charges sit on your account month-after-month, you could end up paying double the pump price.

Just as ghastly, are the service stations that charge extra to use a credit card, with a lower price for cash transactions. While this practice is not allowed in every state, it’s a heinous example of how lobbies and factions can influence state laws in favor of profit-minded corporations rather than average tax-paying citizens.

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