Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla Changes its Tactics?

By all accounts, Tesla is a completely different type of auto manufacturer. It defies convention and throws it all in the face of the traditional automakers. They are, without a doubt, the darling of the tech crowd … and for good reason. The Tesla Model S is a truly spectacular car. The company has won over legions of fans and tens of thousands of owners in a short time, all the while avoiding conventional advertising. It appears that avoidance has lessened.

I logged into my Google account this morning to review the advertising that is targeted for MPGomatic.com. I do this on a regular basis to block shoddy advertisers (of which there are many). I was shocked – no, make that pleasantly surprised – to see a real live advertisement from Tesla Motors.

The wording was simple.

“Tesla Electric Sports Car” read the headline, followed by the terse (but to-the-point) copy “0-60 in 3.7 Seconds All New Electric Tesla Sports Car.” Bless them for targeting my site. I guess they’ve noticed the 26 million views in my YouTube channel, a great many of which are 0-60 MPH acceleration clips.

3.7 seconds is insanely fast for a family car. I’d love to test the Model S under the proper conditions, but I’ve never sought any substantial contact with the company, other than stopping by the booth at NAIAS media days, and no one from the company has ever reached out to me.

Even more than simply testing the Model S, I’d like to offer Tesla Motors a proposal for sponsorship of the MPGomatic 0-60 Compare-O-Matic widget. I would graciously license my 0-60 MPH clips for this endeavor. It would be an honor. Also, a nice way to keep the mortgage paid for a few months.

Whaddya say, Elon … shall we play a game?

Update: I received a cordial call from Tesla’s head storyteller Ricardo Reyes, shortly after posting. While Ricardo declined to provide a specific comment, he stated that to the best of his knowledge Tesla had not authorized the advertisement, and was yet to find the responsible party. Ricardo noted that the advertisement curiously referred to a 3.7 second 0-60 MPH time – which correlates with the Tesla Roadster – not the new Model S P85D, which covers the 0-60 sprint in a truly insane 3.2 seconds.

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