2012 X-Games Rallycross Odds

We thought it might be fun to pull a 2012 X-Games Rallycross Odds list together … since it’s not likely that we’ll see any official Vegas Odds. (Keep in mind that this is a television show, not a race.) With so many flights over the mechanical jump over the course of the weekend, there will be a toll taken. The chances for carnage in the streets of LA this year are huge. We pray for our brothers behind the wheels, and wish them safe passage.

X-Games Rallycross: Driver-by-Driver

  • Marcus Grönholm – Here’s to a speedy recovery, Marcus. With a holeshot, Marcus will run wire-to-wire, like Secretariat. Again.
  • Tanner Foust – Quite possibly the best rallycross driver in the world at the moment, in the most highly developed car. Tanner will add to his collection of X medals. Fingers crossed the Hot Wheels stunt goes off without a hitch.
  • Brian Deegan – 2011 wasn’t a fluke, but this year’s script will run differently.
  • Rhys Millen – Strategy is key. Steer clear of the impending carnage and aim for daylight, brother Rhys. The podium awaits.
  • Stephan Verdier – Make no mistake about it, the Motorcity Veloster isn’t just a Disney house ad. Stephan always looms.
  • David Binks – Experienced rallycross driver, top shop, top car. A likely factor.
  • Andy Scott – Great rallycross driver, highly developed car. Sure, Saab’s become a Chinese electric car company with no ad budget, but if Andy gets the holeshot, watch out.
  • Samuel Hübinette – All that’s said about Andy Scott, adding the fact that Sam’s One Crazy Swede. Check the tape for the tap on ACP’s rear bumper the last time he competed at X.
  • Toomas Heikkinen – Get Well, Topi! While a bit too over-eager and unfamiliar with the Fiesta in Charlotte, Toomas is our outside pick.
  • Sverre Isachsen – The warrior hits the streets of LA. If Sverre can keep his STi in one piece, the threat looms large.
  • Sebastian Loeb – Insane LA traffic is a whole lot different than a peaceful stage through the forest. Sure, you can’t buy a new Citroen in American, but if Red Bull advertises heavily enough, the waters will part. As always, the launch is crucial.
  • Liam Doran – Massive battle, no doubt, but you no buy commercials, you no get podium. If Monster buys in big +1.
  • Ken Block – Love those videos, oh great master of Hoonigism but this one can’t be tweaked in post-production. Never mind that, this’ll sell plenty of sneakers. Hey, isn’t Gymkhana 5 out next week?
  • Dave Mirra – A great guy, and always exciting to watch, Dave will surely hit the highlight reel, but will fall short of the podium, unless he works hard for a clean run.
  • David Higgins – Superb driver, but last minute entry in a spare car that may be less competitive than its stablemates. Patience and skill will make the difference.
  • Travis Pastrana – A true American treasure and wickedly fast at times, but don’t bet on a top three finish. While the Dart was initially prepared by OMSE, it needs significantly more development time to be truly competitive. Lets just hope that ESPN doesn’t push for a Pastranathon II next year.
  • Bryce Menzies – If Dodge can pull a wild card, Bryce just might be it.
  • Bucky Lasek – Wicked rail slide in Texas. We can expect more hoonery, but not a top three finish. Love the sneakers.
  • Patrick Moro – As the last American rallycross privateer standing, we truly admire Pat’s meddle, alas, there’s little chance of a medal at X.

2012 X-Games Rallycross: Odds and Ends

Odds Driver Car Sponsor Team Country #
2-1 Marcus Grönholm Ford Fiesta Best Buy Mobile OMSE Finland 3
3-1 Tanner Foust Ford Fiesta Rockstar Energy Etnies Ford OMSE USA 34
4-1 Rhys Millen Hyundai Veloster Hyundai Rallycross Rhys Millen Racing NZ 67
5-1 Brian Deegan Ford Fiesta Rockstar Energy Metal Mulisha Ford OMSE USA 38
6-1 Stephan Verdier Hyundai Veloster Motorcity Disney XD Rhys Millen Racing France 12
6-1 David Binks Ford Fiesta Best Buy Serve OMSE UK 17
7-1 Andy Scott Saab 9-3 Scott-Eklund Racing Scott-Eklund Racing UK 26
7-1 Samuel Hubinette Saab 9-3 Eneos Oil Scott-Eklund Racing USA 77
8-1 Toomas Heikkinen Ford Fiesta Bluebeam OMSE Finland 57
8-1 Sverre Isachsen Subaru WRX STi Subaru Puma Rallycross Vermont Sports Car Norway 11
9-1 Sebastian Loeb Citroen C4 Red Bull Citroen Racing Red Bull Citroen Racing France
10-1 Liam Doran Citroen C4 Monster Energy UK
11-1 Ken Block Ford Fiesta Monster World Rally Team Monster World Rally Team USA 43
12-1 Dave Mirra Subaru WRX STi Subaru Puma Rallycross Vermont Sports Car USA 40
14-1 David Higgins Subaru WRX STi Subaru Puma Rallycross Vermont Sports Car UK
15-1 Travis Pastrana Dodge Dart Dodge Red Bull Rallycross Pastrana 199 Racing USA 199
20-1 Bryce Menzies Dodge Dart Dodge Red Bull Rallycross Pastrana 199 Racing USA 99
20-1 Bucky Lasek Subaru WRX STi Subaru Puma Rallycross Vermont Sports Car USA 81
25-1 Patrick Moro Subaru WRX STi PMR Motorsports PMR Motorsports USA 59

Trifecta pick: Grönholm Foust / Millen / Hubinette
Wildcards: Block / Pastrana / ret. Heikkinen
With the Holeshot: Loeb

Gentlemen, start your engines and sell those sneakers, energy drinks, and cool little cars …

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