Is Osama Bin Laden Living in the Bat Cave?

America has been searching for Osama Bin Laden for years, to no avail. We have spent billions of dollars in the process. Could he be living right under our noses?

What if you were on vacation, hiking along a dirt road, and came upon a most unlikely discovery?

Yes, the post date is April 1st, but this is all as it happened.

I was at Irwindale Speedway last week, for the opening round of the first Global Rallycross season, shooting footage for a documentary film about the launch of Rallycross here in America.

After three days at the track, I had a day off. Some LA-native friends took me on a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles.

My buddy Russ insisted that we see the Petersen Automotive Museum.

As we wandered over to the Batmobile (from Batman and Batman Returns) — featured in the Hollywood Cars of the Stars exhibit — my pal Steve said, “Hey, I know where the original Bat Cave is … want to go check it out?”

Steve didn’t have to ask twice.

We soon found ourselves walking up a canyon road, where, lo and behold, was the Bat Cave …

There was a production crew working there – this being LA and all – and we were not able to go into the cave.

As we were chatting with a member of the crew, someone walked out of the Bat Cave.

Someone the American Government has been chasing for years …

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