How Much Does it Cost to Drive?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to drive somewhere? Whether it’s a trip to the in-laws or a daily commute, the cost-to-drive calculation is fairly simple, although it’s been obscured.

The meter is always running. But the problem is, we just don’t see it.

When you jump in a cab, the cab driver asks for your destination and starts the meter. You can see the cost rack up as you’re driven through town, as the cabbie’s meter (or trip calculator, if you will) provides feedback in real time.

What if your car gave you the same feedback? What if it automatically provided the cost of each and every trip? What if it went even further and told you how it cost each time you stomped on the accelerator pedal?

If you had immediate feedback, you might be more likely to change your driving habits and style.

You can calculate these costs with this equation:

( Distance Traveled / Miles Per Gallon ) * Cost Per Gallon

Or you can use our
MPG-o-Matic Trip Calculator

Miles Driven =
Average MPG =
Cost per Gallon =
Cost of Trip =

Do you know how much it costs to commute to work each day?

What about a trip out to the stores?

How much could you save if you cut your miles traveled or increased your fuel economy?

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