Mitsubishi i MiEV

What’s it like to drive the Mitsubishi i MiEV electric micro car?

We had our chance to drive and ride in the little critter at the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s (EDTA) ride and drive event in Washington, DC early last month.

The i MiEV is smooth, quiet, and quite unlike a golf cart that some might imagine it to be … not only that, it’s quick off the line to boot. Out in the crowded streets, the i MiEV’s diminutive dimensions are a huge asset. With plenty of that trademark immediate electric motor torque, the i MiEV proves itself to be a fun scoot through city traffic.

Interior space is maximized, and while it is a bit tight, the i MiEV didn’t feel nearly as small as I expected it to be. I had the chance to both drive and ride in the rear seat and had no problem getting into or out of the seats. (Four doors are a great thing in such a small car!)

Don’t expect to see i MiEVs roaming American streets en masse any time soon. The only i MiEVs here now are strictly for testing. While the i MiEV is slated to go into production this year, no plans have been announced for importation into the States.

Nevertheless, MPGomatic is floating the meme for a Celebrity i MiEV Racing Series …

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