Ford Fusion Hybrid: Quick Cruise

While the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid won’t start rolling off assembly line until late winter, I had the chance to drive a pre-production version yesterday at a Ford media event. The ride was brief, but eye-opening. With temperatures hovering in the twenties, I was able to coax 40.5 miles per gallon (MPG) out of the Fusion Hybrid in my first (and only) twenty minutes or so of driving through the suburbs and highways around Dearborn, Michigan.

Seeing that the Fusion Hybrid will glide under electric power up to 47 miles per hour, I’d reckon that I’ll be able to get a production version into mid-forty MPG range with ease. A bit more time in the saddle and I’ll have it figured out. (To prove my numbers weren’t a fluke, my co-driver — a two-time Prius owner — was able to top my result by a mile or so, after discovering a simple technique to provoke electric drive.)

The competition for the Toyota Camry Hybrid just got a whole lot tougher. The Fusion Hybrid has a sporty edge to it, with crisp lines and an industry leading dashboard display that takes economical driving to the next level.

It’s not just good. It’s really good.

For everyone that wants to put Detroit down for not keeping up with the times … they simply haven’t seen or driven the Ford Fusion Hybrid … yet.

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