Lotus Eco Elise

Is the Eco Elise the greenest Lotus ever? While not electric-powered like its Tesla cousin, the Lotus Eco Elise waves an unmistakenly green banner as Group Lotus takes a new focus on the materials used in construction, rather than the emissions rolling out of the tailpipe (or lack of a tailpipe altogether, as in the case of the Tesla).

Although MPGomatic makes a practice of not reporting on press releases (whenever possible), we’ll make an exception in this case. A big exception. It’s Lotus, for Pete’s sake, they’ve readied a smashingly eco-focused concept car for the British International Motor Show, and we have little chance of being on the other side of the pond to report on the car from the show floor.

Lotus Eco Elise

This little beauty is all about components and production methods …

Sustainable materials, hemp, eco wool and sisal have been developed for body panels and trim and, combined with hi-tech water based paint solutions, showcase new affordable green technologies. The green credentials of the technology on show in the Eco Elise have been analysed throughout the lifecycle of the car.

A 70.5 pound weight reduction (over the Elise S) and a green economy gear change display (a.k.a: shift indicator) help to aid the Eco Elise’s gas mileage results, while two flexible solar panels set into the hemp hard top help charge the car’s electrical system.

Carbon-fiber is so last year. The Lotus Eco Elise uses hemp composite material …

Sustainable hemp technical fabrics have been used as the primary constituent in the high quality “A” class composite body panels and spoiler. The renewable hemp has exceptional material properties that make for a very strong fibre.

Inside the cockpit, the Eco Elise’s seats are covered with an “ethically produced” woolen fabric free of dyes and harmful chemicals. The carpets are woven from sisal.

It all sounds quite well and good, but where is the bamboo? And the keys?

Come to think of it, a bamboo key fob might just turn the the trick …

The Eco Elise will be displayed in the Greener Driving Pavilion at the British International Motor Show from 23rd July until 3rd August.