SUV MPG Reviews

It might seem odd that a website devoted to the topic of gas mileage would spend so much time on SUV reviews, but we’re simply listening to our audience. While it’s clear that the tide has changed, America’s tempestuous love affair with the SUV is far from over.

SUV reviews will be part of our editorial mix for as long as we keep buying the beasts. Rest assured that most, if not all, of our SUV reviews will focus on the more fuel efficient choices in each of the categories, from the cute Utes and Crossovers (CUV) to roomy seven and eight seaters. (But we won’t be driving a Hummer unless GM gets around to shipping a fuel-sipping hybrid or clean diesel.)

As of November, we’ve reviewed eleven SUVs and CUVs, including four hybrids and the only domestic diesel currently available in the USA:

Our goal is to have all of the hybrid SUVs covered as soon as possible and the diesels as they are available. Over the coming months, we’re slated to review a number of the latest models.

When an Escape Hybrid scores better gas mileage than a Smart Fortwo in the city, the term “Green SUV” can’t be considered an oxymoron.

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