Hybrid MPG Reviews

When I first set out to review cars here on MPGomatic.com, I knew that hybrid reviews would be a big part of the mix. So I set the lofty goal of reviewing every domestically available hybrid car and SUV by year end. I’m glad to report that we’re making good progress on that goal (although we’re likely to skip over a handful of the more exotic [and expensive] models).

MPGomatic will have published nine hybrid reviews by September. That’s not too shabby for a start-up publication. We’re committed to fighting the good fight and telling it like it is with reviews in written and video form:

We like what we’ve seen, so far. And we’re itching to see more. Every one of our hybrid review units has lived up to its EPA estimated mileage figures.

There’s no doubt in my mind. Hybrid vehicles are for real.

But they’re not the be all, end all … they’re a stepping stone.

Pure electric and fuel cell cars will be commonplace by the end of the decade. The knowledge and economies of scale gained through hybrid development and production will help make the 100 MPG car a mass-produced reality, rather than a really cool mod.

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