The compact front-wheel-drive C30 is the most fuel efficient vehicle in Volvo’s 2012 lineup with gas milage ratings of 21 city / 30 highway / 24 combined when equipped with the five-speed automatic and 21 city / 29 highway / 24 combined when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission. The C30 is fitted with a 2.5-liter five cylinder engine and is designed to use regular gasoline. Our most recent review of the Volvo C30 is of the 2008 model year.

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2012 Volvo Gas Mileage

Manufacturer Model Liters Cyl. Transmission City Hwy. Comb. Drive Fuel Class
VolvoC30 FWD2.55Auto (S5)213024FWDRCompact
VolvoC30 FWD2.55Manual (M6)212924FWDRCompact
VolvoS80 FWD3.26Auto (S6)202923FWDRMidsize
VolvoS60 FWD2.55Auto (S6)203023FWDRCompact
VolvoC70 FWD2.55Auto (S5)182821FWDRSubcompact
VolvoXC60 FWD3.26Auto (S6)192521FWDRSUV 2WD
VolvoXC70 FWD3.26Auto (S6)192521FWDRSUV 2WD
VolvoS80 AWD3.06Auto (S6)182621AWDRMidsize
VolvoS60 AWD3.06Auto (S6)182621AWDRCompact
VolvoXC60 AWD3.26Auto (S6)182420AWDRSUV 4WD
VolvoXC70 AWD3.26Auto (S6)182420AWDRSUV 4WD
VolvoXC60 AWD3.06Auto (S6)172320AWDRSUV 4WD
VolvoXC70 AWD3.06Auto (S6)172320AWDRSUV 4WD
VolvoXC90 FWD3.26Auto (S6)162319FWDRSUV 2WD
VolvoXC90 AWD3.26Auto (S6)162318AWDRSUV 4WD


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