Volkswagen Gas Mileage

The midsize front-wheel-drive Passat TDI sedan is the most fuel efficient vehicle in Volkswagen’s 2012 lineup with fuel mileage ratings of 31 city / 43 highway / 35 combined when equipped with the six-speed manual and 30 city / 40 highway / 34 combined when equipped with the six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The Passat TDI is fitted with a 2.0-liter four cylinder turbo-diesel engine and is designed to use low-sulfur diesel fuel.

We have not had the opportunity to test the Passat TDI, as of yet, but we have tested the Golf TDI, Jetta Sportwagen TDI, and Touareg TDI and found them all to live up to their reputation for delivering excellent fuel economy and plenty of torque. We recently participated in the 2013 Jetta Hybrid first drive event and were left with a highly favorable impression of the pre-production model’s fuel efficiency and driving dynamics.


2013 Volkswagen Gas Mileage

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013VolkswagenBeetle4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd284132Diesel
2013VolkswagenBeetle4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd213024Premium
2013VolkswagenBeetle4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)293932Diesel
2013VolkswagenBeetle5 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)222925Regular
2013VolkswagenBeetle4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)223025Premium
2013VolkswagenBeetle5 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd223125Regular
2013VolkswagenBeetle Convertible4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd284132Diesel
2013VolkswagenBeetle Convertible4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd213024Premium
2013VolkswagenBeetle Convertible5 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)212723Regular
2013VolkswagenBeetle Convertible4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)212924Premium
2013VolkswagenCC4 cyl.2 literAuto (AM-S6)223125Premium
2013VolkswagenCC6 cyl.3.6 literAuto (S6)172721Premium
2013VolkswagenCC4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd213225Premium
2013VolkswagenCC 4motion6 cyl.3.6 literAuto (S6)172520Premium
2013VolkswagenEos4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)223025Premium
2013VolkswagenGolf4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)304234Diesel
2013VolkswagenGolf4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd304234Diesel
2013VolkswagenGolf5 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)243126Regular
2013VolkswagenGolf5 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd233326Regular
2013VolkswagenGolf R4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd192722Premium
2013VolkswagenGTI4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)243327Premium
2013VolkswagenGTI4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd213125Premium
2013VolkswagenJetta4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)243227Premium
2013VolkswagenJetta4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd223326Premium
2013VolkswagenJetta4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)304234Diesel
2013VolkswagenJetta4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd304234Diesel
2013VolkswagenJetta4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)232925Regular
2013VolkswagenJetta4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243428Regular
2013VolkswagenJetta5 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)243126Regular
2013VolkswagenJetta5 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd233326Regular
2013VolkswagenJetta Hybrid4 cyl.1.4 literAuto(AM-S7)424845Premium
2013VolkswagenJetta SportWagen4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)293933Diesel
2013VolkswagenJetta SportWagen4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd304234Diesel
2013VolkswagenJetta SportWagen5 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)243126Regular
2013VolkswagenJetta SportWagen5 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd233326Regular
2013VolkswagenPassat4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)304034Diesel
2013VolkswagenPassat6 cyl.3.6 literAuto(AM-S6)202823Premium
2013VolkswagenPassat4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd314335Diesel
2013VolkswagenPassat5 cyl.2.5 literManual 5-spd223226Regular
2013VolkswagenPassat5 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)223125Regular
2013VolkswagenRoutan6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 6-spd172520FlexFuel
2013VolkswagenTiguan4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd182621Premium
2013VolkswagenTiguan4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)212623Premium
2013VolkswagenTiguan 4motion4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)202623Premium
2013VolkswagenTouareg6 cyl.3 literAuto (S8)202923Diesel
2013VolkswagenTouareg6 cyl.3.6 literAuto (S8)172319Premium
2013VolkswagenTouareg Hybrid6 cyl.3 literAuto (S8)202421Premium

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