Toyota Gas Mileage

The midsize front-wheel-drive Prius hybrid sedan and compact Prius C hybrid are the most fuel efficient vehicles in Toyota’s 2012 lineup with fuel mileage ratings of 51 city / 48 highway / 50 combined and 53 city / 46 highway / 50 combined, respectively. The Prius fitted with a 1.8-liter four cylinder engine, while the smaller Prius C gets by with a 1.5 liter four. All Toyota Prius are fitted with Continuously Variable automatic transmissions (CVT). In our recent test of the Prius C, we were able to extract a remarkable number of MPGs by using a handful of simple hybrid driving techniques.

On the other side of the coin, the 5.7-liter V8-equipped four-wheel-drive versions of the Sequoia SUV and Tundra pickup truck are tied as Toyota’s least efficient vehicles for 2012, with gas mileage ratings of 13 city / 17 highway / 14 combined.


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2013 Toyota Gas Mileage

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013Toyota4Runner 2WD6 cyl.4 literAuto (S5)172219Regular
2013Toyota4Runner 4WD6 cyl.4 literAuto (S5)172118Regular
2013Toyota4Runner 4WD6 cyl.4 literAuto (S5)172118Regular
2013ToyotaAvalon6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)213124Regular
2013ToyotaAvalon6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)213125Regular
2013ToyotaAvalon Hybrid4 cyl.2.5 literAuto(AV-S6)403940Regular
2013ToyotaCamry4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)253528Regular
2013ToyotaCamry6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)213125Regular
2013ToyotaCamry Hybrid LE4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)433941Regular
2013ToyotaCamry Hybrid XLE4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)403840Regular
2013ToyotaCorolla4 cyl.1.8 literAuto 4-spd263429Regular
2013ToyotaCorolla4 cyl.1.8 literManual 5-spd273430Regular
2013ToyotaFJ Cruiser 2WD6 cyl.4 literAuto 5-spd162018Regular
2013ToyotaFJ Cruiser 4WD6 cyl.4 literAuto 5-spd172018Regular
2013ToyotaFJ Cruiser 4WD6 cyl.4 literManual 6-spd151816Regular
2013ToyotaHighlander 2WD4 cyl.2.7 literAuto (S6)202522Regular
2013ToyotaHighlander 2WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S5)182420Regular
2013ToyotaHighlander 4WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S5)172219Regular
2013ToyotaHighlander Hybrid 4WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (CVT)282828Regular
2013ToyotaLand Cruiser Wagon 4WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131815Regular
2013ToyotaMatrix4 cyl.1.8 literAuto 4-spd253228Regular
2013ToyotaMatrix4 cyl.1.8 literManual 5-spd263229Regular
2013ToyotaMatrix4 cyl.2.4 literAuto 4-spd202622Regular
2013ToyotaMatrix4 cyl.2.4 literManual 5-spd212824Regular
2013ToyotaMatrix4 cyl.2.4 literAuto (S5)212924Regular
2013ToyotaPrius4 cyl.1.8 literAuto (CVT)514850Regular
2013ToyotaPrius c4 cyl.1.5 literAuto (CVT)534650Regular
2013ToyotaPrius Plug-in Hybrid4 cyl.1.8 literAuto (CVT)514950Regular Gas and Electricity
2013ToyotaPrius v4 cyl.1.8 literAuto (CVT)444042Regular
2013ToyotaSequoia 2WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131815Regular
2013ToyotaSequoia 4WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131714Regular
2013ToyotaSequoia 4WD FFV8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131714FlexFuel
2013ToyotaSienna 2WD4 cyl.2.7 literAuto (S6)192421Regular
2013ToyotaSienna 2WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)182521Regular
2013ToyotaSienna AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)162319Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 2WD6 cyl.4 literAuto 5-spd172119Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 2WD6 cyl.4 literManual 6-spd162118Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 2WD4 cyl.2.7 literAuto 4-spd192421Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 2WD4 cyl.2.7 literManual 5-spd212523Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 4WD6 cyl.4 literAuto 5-spd162118Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 4WD6 cyl.4 literManual 6-spd161917Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 4WD4 cyl.2.7 literAuto 4-spd182119Regular
2013ToyotaTacoma 4WD4 cyl.2.7 literManual 5-spd182119Regular
2013ToyotaTundra 2WD6 cyl.4 literAuto (S5)162017Regular
2013ToyotaTundra 2WD8 cyl.4.6 literAuto (S6)152017Regular
2013ToyotaTundra 2WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131815Regular
2013ToyotaTundra 4WD8 cyl.4.6 literAuto (S6)141916Regular
2013ToyotaTundra 4WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131715Regular
2013ToyotaTundra 4WD FFV8 cyl.5.7 literAuto (S6)131815FlexFuel
2013ToyotaVenza4 cyl.2.7 literAuto (S6)202623Regular
2013ToyotaVenza6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)192622Regular
2013ToyotaVenza AWD4 cyl.2.7 literAuto (S6)202622Regular
2013ToyotaVenza AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)182521Regular
2013ToyotaYaris4 cyl.1.5 literAuto 4-spd303632Regular
2013ToyotaYaris4 cyl.1.5 literManual 5-spd303733Regular


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