With its massive investment in the Leaf electric vehicle (EV), Nissan has chosen to take a different path than its rivals. The Altima Hybrid has left the lineup, leaving the Versa and Sentra as the most fuel-efficient of Nissan’s gasoline-powered 2012 models. The 1.6-liter, automatic-equipped 2012 Nissan Versa compact is rated at 30 city / 38 highway / 33 combined miles per gallon (MPG), while the 2.0-liter, automatic-equipped 2012 Sentra sedan is rated at 27 city / 34 highway / 30 combined.

The Nissan Juke carves out an interesting niche, with a rally-esque stance and a front-end that’s been described as frog-like. The official fuel economy estimates for the manual-equipped 2012 FWD Juke are 25 city / 31 highway miles per gallon (MPG). The CVT-equipped FWD Juke is rated at 27 / 32, and the AWD (CVT) Juke is rated at 25 / 30.


2013 Nissan Gas Mileage

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013Nissan370Z6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S7)192622Premium
2013Nissan370Z6 cyl.3.7 literManual 6-spd182621Premium
2013Nissan370Z Roadster6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S7)182521Premium
2013Nissan370Z Roadster6 cyl.3.7 literManual 6-spd172420Premium
2013NissanAltima4 cyl.2.5 literAuto(AV-S6)273831Regular
2013NissanAltima6 cyl.3.5 literAuto(AV-S6)223125Regular
2013NissanAltima Coupe4 cyl.2.5 literAuto(AV-S6)233226Regular
2013NissanArmada 2WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd131915Regular
2013NissanArmada 2WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd121915FlexFuel
2013NissanArmada 4WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd121814Regular
2013NissanArmada 4WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd121814FlexFuel
2013NissanCube4 cyl.1.8 literAuto (CVT)273128Regular
2013NissanCube4 cyl.1.8 literManual 6-spd253027Regular
2013NissanGT-R6 cyl.3.8 literAuto(AM6)162319Premium
2013NissanJuke4 cyl.1.6 literAuto(AV-S6)273229Premium
2013NissanJuke4 cyl.1.6 literManual 6-spd253127Premium
2013NissanJuke AWD4 cyl.1.6 literAuto(AV-S6)253027Premium
2013NissanMaxima6 cyl.3.5 literAuto(AV-S6)192622Premium
2013NissanMurano AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (CVT)182320Regular
2013NissanMurano FWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (CVT)182420Regular
2013NissanPathfinder 2WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (CVT)202622Regular
2013NissanPathfinder 4WD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (CVT)192521Regular
2013NissanQuest6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (CVT)192521Regular
2013NissanRogue AWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)222724Regular
2013NissanRogue FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)232825Regular
2013NissanSentra4 cyl.1.8 literManual 6-spd273630Regular
2013NissanSentra4 cyl.1.8 literAuto (CVT)303934Regular
2013NissanSentra4 cyl.1.8 literAuto (CVT)303933Regular
2013NissanTitan 2WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd131815Regular
2013NissanTitan 2WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd131815FlexFuel
2013NissanTitan 4WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd121714Regular
2013NissanTitan 4WD8 cyl.5.6 literAuto 5-spd121714FlexFuel
2013NissanVersa4 cyl.1.6 literAuto (CVT)314035Regular
2013NissanVersa4 cyl.1.6 literManual 5-spd273630Regular
2013NissanVersa4 cyl.1.6 literAuto 4-spd263530Regular


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