Not only does the MKZ Hybrid get the best gas mileage of all the model in the 2013 Lincoln line up, it’s also one of the most fuel-efficient luxury cars available today. And it’s quite a looker, to boot!

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is powered by a 2.0-liter four cylinder hybrid drive train rated at 45 city / 45 highway and 45 combined miles per gallon.

2013 Lincoln Gas Mileage Charts

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013LincolnMKS AWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)182621Regular
2013LincolnMKS AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)172520Regular
2013LincolnMKS FWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)182721Regular
2013LincolnMKT AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)162318Regular
2013LincolnMKT FWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)172520Regular
2013LincolnMKT Livery AWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto 6-spd172419Regular
2013LincolnMKT Livery FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)202823Regular
2013LincolnMKX AWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)172319Regular
2013LincolnMKX FWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)192622Regular
2013LincolnMKZ AWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)223125Regular
2013LincolnMKZ AWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)182621Regular
2013LincolnMKZ FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)223326Regular
2013LincolnMKZ FWD6 cyl.3.7 literAuto (S6)192822Regular
2013LincolnMKZ Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (CVT)454545Regular
2013LincolnNavigator 2WD FFV8 cyl.5.4 literAuto 6-spd142016FlexFuel
2013LincolnNavigator 4WD FFV8 cyl.5.4 literAuto 6-spd131815FlexFuel


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