The Dart Aero tops the Dodge MPG charts for 2013 with gas mileage ratings of 28 city / 40 highway / 32 combined for the six-speed automatic and 28 city / 41 highway / 32 combined for the six-speed manual. The Dart Aero’s 1.4-liter SOHC turbocharged / intercooled MultiAir inline four cylinder engine uses Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection and produces 160 horsepower and 184 foot-pounds of torque. 93 octane unleaded premium is the preferred fuel, although 87 octane regular is acceptable.

2013 Dodge Dart - red and black - profile view

2013 Dodge Gas Mileage Chart

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013DodgeAvenger6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 6-spd192922FlexFuel
2013DodgeAvenger4 cyl.2.4 literAuto 6-spd203123Regular
2013DodgeAvenger4 cyl.2.4 literAuto 4-spd212924Regular
2013DodgeChallenger8 cyl.5.7 literAuto 5-spd162519Midgrade
2013DodgeChallenger6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 5-spd182721Regular
2013DodgeChallenger8 cyl.5.7 literManual 6-spd152318Premium
2013DodgeChallenger SRT88 cyl.6.4 literAuto 5-spd142317Premium
2013DodgeChallenger SRT88 cyl.6.4 literManual 6-spd142317Premium
2013DodgeCharger8 cyl.5.7 literAuto 5-spd162519Midgrade
2013DodgeCharger6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 5-spd182721Regular
2013DodgeCharger6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 8-spd193123Regular
2013DodgeCharger6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 5-spd182721FlexFuel
2013DodgeCharger6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 8-spd193123FlexFuel
2013DodgeCharger AWD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto 5-spd152318Midgrade
2013DodgeCharger AWD6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 8-spd182721Regular
2013DodgeCharger AWD6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 8-spd182721FlexFuel
2013DodgeCharger SRT88 cyl.6.4 literAuto 5-spd142317Premium
2013DodgeDart4 cyl.1.4 literManual 6-spd273932Premium
2013DodgeDart4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd253629Regular
2013DodgeDart4 cyl.2 literAuto 6-spd243427Regular
2013DodgeDart4 cyl.1.4 literAuto(AM6)273731Premium
2013DodgeDart Aero4 cyl.1.4 literAuto(AM6)284032Premium
2013DodgeDart Aero4 cyl.1.4 literManual 6-spd284132Premium
2013DodgeDurango 2WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto 6-spd142016Midgrade
2013DodgeDurango 2WD6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 5-spd162319FlexFuel
2013DodgeDurango 4WD6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 5-spd162319FlexFuel
2013DodgeDurango 4WD8 cyl.5.7 literAuto 6-spd132015Midgrade
2013DodgeGrand Caravan6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 6-spd172520Regular
2013DodgeGrand Caravan6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 6-spd172520FlexFuel
2013DodgeJourney AWD6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 6-spd162419Regular
2013DodgeJourney FWD6 cyl.3.6 literAuto 6-spd172520FlexFuel
2013DodgeJourney FWD4 cyl.2.4 literAuto 4-spd192621Regular


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