Acura Gas Mileage

The 2.4-liter I4 automatic-equipped TSX is the most fuel-efficient Acura for the 2012 model year, with EPA mile per gallon (MPG) ratings of 22 city / 31 highway / 26 combined. The 3.7 liter V6 all-wheel-drive MDX is the least fuel efficient in the range, with ratings of 16 city / 21 highway / 18 combined. Although it is not required, Acura recommends premium fuel for all of the vehicles for optimum performance.

(2013 Acura TSX show below.)

2013 Acura TSX

2012 Acura Gas Mileage Table

Year Manf. Model Disp. Engine Trans. City Highway Combined Drive Fuel
2012AcuraMDX 4WD3.7 liter6 cylinderAuto (S6)162118AWDP
2012AcuraRDX 2WD2.3 liter4 cylinderAuto (S5)1924212WD-FP
2012AcuraRDX 4WD2.3 liter4 cylinderAuto (S5)172219AWDP
2012AcuraRL3.7 liter6 cylinderAuto (S6)172420AWDP
2012AcuraTL 2WD3.5 liter6 cylinderAuto (S6)2029232WD-FP
2012AcuraTL 4WD3.7 liter6 cylinderAuto (S6)182621AWDP
2012AcuraTL 4WD3.7 liter6 cylinderManual (M6)172520AWDP
2012AcuraTSX2.4 liter4 cylinderAuto (S5)2231262WD-FP
2012AcuraTSX2.4 liter4 cylinderManual (M6)2129242WD-FP
2012AcuraTSX3.5 liter6 cylinderAuto (S5)1928232WD-FP
2012AcuraTSX WAGON2.4 liter4 cylinderAuto (S5)2230252WD-FP
2012AcuraZDX 4WD3.7 liter6 cylinderAuto (S6)162319AWDP


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