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Ford Focus Gas Mileage: 2000 – 2013

The compact Ford Focus was introduced to America in 2001 and underwent a restyling in the 2008 and 2012 model years. The domestic 2013 Ford Focus is powered by a 2.0 liter inline four cylinder gasoline engine that produces 160 horsepower (a 20 HP bump over the previous model). The Focus SFE is the most fuel-efficient model in the 2013 line up, achieving gas mileage ratings of 28 city and 40 highway miles per gallon, as it benefits from improved aerodynamics and low-rolling-resistance tires. The Focus Electric first appeared in 2012 (albeit in limited quantities) and the performance oriented Focus ST was added in the 2013 model year.

2012 Ford Focus SE SFE Sedan with aerodynamic wheel covers.

We spent a week test driving a 2012 Ford Focus and were extremely impressed. Check out our Ford Focus review:

How to get more MPGs in the Focus

The fuel efficiency of an older Focus may be incrementally improved through the careful choice of components in routine maintenance. When it’s time to replace the tires, consider a set of high-quality low-rolling resistance tires (. There are a wide range of choices, including the Continental ContiProContact, Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus, Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max, and Bridgestone Ecopia. When it’s time to replace the fluids (oil, transmission, differential), consider using synthetic fluids from Royal Purple, Red Line, Castrol, or Valvoline. It’s always a good idea to check with your mechanic and the Focus owners forums to see which brands are recommended.

Driving style and technique have a huge bearing on gas mileage. In order to get the most out of every gallon in an older Focus, consider adding an aftermarket Instant MPG gauge. Units like the ScanGaugeE and AutoMeter EcoMeter cost less than $100 and can be installed in ten minutes or so. These gauges provide the feedback you need to become an informed light-footed driver.

Typical maintenance issues that can cause poor mileage in the Focus include bad oxygen sensors (02), clogged fuel injectors, bad alignment, dragging brakes, and low tire pressure. Plastic shrouds and bits hanging below the undercarriage can have an effect on highway mileage due to increased aerodynamic drag.

Ford Focus Gas Mileage – 2000-2013

Year Manf. Model Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013FordFocus SFE FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)284033FlexFuel
2013FordFocus FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)273831FlexFuel
2013FordFocus FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)273831FlexFuel
2013FordFocus FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd263630FlexFuel
2013FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)273831Regular
2013FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)273831Regular
2013FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd263630Regular
2013FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd233226Regular
2013FordFocus Electric– cyl.EVAuto (A1)11099105Electricity
2012FordFocus SFE FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)284033FlexFuel
2012FordFocus SFE FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)284033Regular
2012FordFocus FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd263630FlexFuel
2012FordFocus FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)283831FlexFuel
2012FordFocus FWD FFV4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)283831FlexFuel
2012FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM6)283831Regular
2012FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto(AM-S6)273731Regular
2012FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd263630Regular
2012FordFocus BEV FWDEV– literAuto (CVT)11099105Electricity
2011FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd253428Regular
2011FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd253529Regular
2010FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd243428Regular
2010FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243528Regular
2009FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243528Regular
2009FordFocus FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd243327Regular
2008FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd243328Regular
2008FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243528Regular
2007FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd233126Regular
2007FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243327Regular
2007FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202923Regular
2007FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd233126Regular
2007FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243327Regular
2006FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222925Regular
2006FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd233126Regular
2006FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202823Regular
2006FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222925Regular
2006FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd233126Regular
2005FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222925Regular
2005FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223226Regular
2005FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202823Regular
2005FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222925Regular
2005FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223226Regular
2004FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd212824Regular
2004FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2004FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222824Regular
2004FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd233226Regular
2004FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd212824Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd233025Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222824Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243227Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2004FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd182621Premium
2003FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd212723Regular
2003FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2003FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd243026Regular
2003FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222824Regular
2003FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243227Regular
2003FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd222924Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 4-spd212723Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd243026Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222824Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243227Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd222924Regular
2003FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd182320Regular
2002FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd232925Regular
2002FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd232925Regular
2002FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd253228Regular
2002FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223125Regular
2002FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd232925Regular
2002FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd232925Regular
2002FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 6-spd182320Premium
2002FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd253228Regular
2002FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223125Regular
2001FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd223025Regular
2001FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222924Regular
2001FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd253228Regular
2001FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2001FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd223025Regular
2001FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222924Regular
2001FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd253228Regular
2001FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223025Regular
2000FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd233026Regular
2000FordFocus Station Wagon4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222925Regular
2000FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd233026Regular
2000FordFocus4 cyl.2 literAuto 4-spd222824Regular
2000FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd243227Regular
2000FordFocus4 cyl.2 literManual 5-spd223125Regular

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#1 norisy on 08.09.08 at 11:14 pm

i recently bought here in the philippines a 2.0 liter diesel focus. i’m very proud of buying one, instead of buying a petrol powered car. i get 35mpg, although the car is small, the engine is powerful. i am one satisfied customer.

#2 Focus Lover on 10.15.08 at 11:31 am

My 2008 FF Automatic is scoring 34+mpg on average. I’ve put 2,000 miles per month on it all summer and the hwy mileage keeps creeping up. Great car, great price.

#3 Chris on 02.03.09 at 2:04 pm

Who thinks 0-62 aka 0-100kph for u brits in 9 SECONDS is fast? You guys are just blessing us with your classic dead-pan humor right? In the States getting to 60 in under 8 is desirable, and getting there in under 7 is usually considered ‘quick’. Bottom line, you’re NOT fast otherwise. I’ll subscribe to ‘spirited’ at best.

Something most of you are missing is that while YOU THINK clean diesel is a reality that we’re being kept away from, the fact is that the US has the most strict PARTICULATES emissions standards in the world. This is something the .eu simply doesn’t regulate like we do which means that these ‘clean’ diesels are dirty in other ways that need to be reconfigured, tested, and certified for statewide consumption. If that’s not enough, consider that Diesel fuel in the states is typically $1/imperial gallon MORE expensive than regular fuel whereas most European nations it’s close to being on par if not cheaper. Add this all up and for most a featherweight diesel in a econobox doesn’t make sense for most American drivers.

I’ve rented a US-spec 08 focus and i was duly impressed. I averaged 34mpg driving 70+ in michigan. when i backed off on the go-pedal i was sporting as high as 38mpg. combine that with Sync and light, direct steering, and it’s a good choice for smaller car buyers. Word is that the eurofocus/mazda3 is heavier and more thirsty when spec’d similarly.

#4 mpg-o-editor on 02.03.09 at 2:34 pm

@Chris – many thanks for your thoughts. I’ve noticed a good bit of fluctuation recently in the price differential between gasoline and diesel fuel. Could this have something to do with the exit of the oil men in Washington? 🙂

Diesels, featherweight or not, make very good sense here in the States. If we want to achieve a 35 MPG average sooner rather than later, clean diesel plays a huge part. It’s time the oil companies start working for US, in every sense.

#5 Chris on 02.03.09 at 3:46 pm

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think diesel engines are awesome. I’d personally like to see them being employed more in large cars and SUVs to reach that 30mpg threshold. Chrysler has a wonderful opportunity on their hands with the 3.0CRD in the Gr. Cherokee. I actually tried joining their “chrysler listens” forum to voice my desire to see that engine in their Jeep Commander, and possibly even the Durango. I believe right now the best their non-hybrids net is around 19mpg. the 3.0CRD which is already OK for stateside use could see as much as 25-28mpg in the Commander and Durango, which would easily offset that price per gallon. It would only see a true increase in sales though if they didn’t try stapling it onto an options package like the auto industry likes doing so much. just having a base-trim on these vehicles with a single tickbox for the engine could motivate many buyers!

#6 mpg-o-editor on 02.03.09 at 6:06 pm

@Chris – We had a Grand Cherokee CRD for two weeks last winter … it was wonderful to drive, with endless torque. If Chrysler bolted a modern automatic transmission (six-speed, perhaps?) into the truck the MPG numbers would climb.

The Commander looks to be headed for the door and production on the Durango is done, for now at least. All that having been said, if Chrysler is successful in their tie-up with Fiat, good things are ahead.

On the Ford front, we can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Fiesta … although it’s not likely to get a diesel engine here in the states until we get our act together and implement a national energy policy that puts diesel fuel prices back on a par with gasoline.

#7 Alan on 05.15.11 at 2:39 pm

How can Ford honestly advertise the Focus achieving “up to” 43mpg when there is nothing over 37mpg since 2000? Just who are trying to fool???

#8 pilates biz on 11.23.11 at 5:44 am

I really dig your website design, did you do this all by yourself or hire someone else to create it?

#9 Howie on 12.16.14 at 12:30 pm

We have a 2012 Ford Focus and love it. It will get 40 MPG [ checked manually] consistantly. The mileage computation on the car computer is inaccurate. It is a fun car to drive esp in the mountains and has good performance. I will highly recommend it. AND best of all, it’s made in AMERICA and NO stimulus tax dollars were taken by Ford!

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