Plug-in Electric Chevy Equinox

When most folks think of electric vehicles, they think small … as in tiny cars. But what if you could electrify a roomy and comfortable crossover, like the highly popular Chevy Equinox?

Cincinnati, OH-based AMP Electric Vehicles – an Automotive X-Prize contestant best-known for their Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky electric plug-in conversions – has turned their attention to the highly-popular Chevy Equinox. We took a ride in AMP’s electric Equinox with AMP CEO Stephen Burns at the 2010 New York Auto Show.

The rear-wheel-drive AMP Electric Equinox uses a pair of electric motors to achieve sub-eight second 0-60 MPH times. Driving range is estimated at 150 miles, with a four hour 220V recharge time. All of the amenities and features of the Equinox are preserved. Cabin heat is provided via the electric motors’ water-cooling system.

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5 thoughts on “Plug-in Electric Chevy Equinox”

  1. This is just another outrageous General Motors LIE. I can’t believe that anyone in the EV world is going to fall for this crap ! 150 miles per charge, 90 MPH, and a 1 hour charge time ! What are they going to charge it with, a lightning bolt and a flux capacitor ! And what’s this car going to cost GM? $85,000 !!!!!!
    They said this car doesn’t have a trans or a rear differential??? So what the hell is making that super loud gear noise blasting in the window?
    No matter what it costs it won’t do what they say it will. Remember the Chevy volt that was going to get 230 MPG? Why don’t you just bring back the EV-1 and we’ll call it even.
    I still can’t figure out why I could build an EV in my garage for $12,000 and get 47 miles on a charge 6 years ago with lead acid batteries and you can’t build one for under $40 to $50,000.
    Maybe you can sell these wonder machines to the government. This administration surely knows how to waste money.

  2. @Phil – Time out. GM isn’t building the electric Equinox. AMP Electric Vehicles is doing the conversion work. They are not part of GM.

    AMP in the running for the Automotive X-Prize. You may have seen their Saturn Sky conversions.

  3. VERY interesting. I think I want one. now if only they could have an add on generator for longer trips….on the weekends I kayak all over missouri, often the trips are well over 100 miles each way…and I can’t afford two vehicles. I’m thinking a little constant speed motor driving a generator for longer trips, sized to supply sufficient electricity for maintaining constant speed with a little left over to recharge the batteries (the batteries would still handle the load for acceleration and hills). In generator mode, the gen set would kick in at, say, 30% battery power, recharge the batteries back up to 100% then kick back off (if ever).

    It would would be even better if the generator were removable, maybe in place of one of the battery packs so that I could decide what type of trip I’m taking and use either nothing (maximizing efficiency), the second battery, or the generator.

  4. If only You could brng your electric vehicles into Australia ad force the Australian government or get someone, ANYONE to put in the infrastructure, maybe even slowly close down and replace petrol stations with electric charging stations as more Australians buy more electric cars and as Australians wait for the infrastructure to be built we’ll need range extending capabilities and home chargers while we wait for the public infrastructure to be built.

    Right now i’m sitting here crying inside that Australia is still relying on polluting expensive petroleum and waiting anxiously for Australia to stop sucking it’s thumb, grow up and move on to and electric future!

  5. Maybe these Folks at AMP – EV’s can convert my Hummer H2 to a pure EV and give me a range of even 50 miles without charging would be great !!!

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