AMP=D’s Electric ’33 Ford Hot Rod @ SEMA

SEMA 2009 may have been one big blur, but it didn’t take long to find MPGomatic’s pick for car of the show. AMP=D’s ’33 Ford exemplifies the cutting-edge hot rod spirit. It took the AMP=D crew just four weeks to mate a UQM electric motor (pumping out 660 foot pounds of torque) with a set of custom A123 lithium battery packs and stuff it into a Factory Five ’33 kit.

The AMP=D ’33 garnered plenty of attention. The E Hot Rod wasn’t in the “Making Green Cool Zone” at the back of the second floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South hall … it was front and center in Factory Five’s booth in the middle of Hot Rod Alley. This placement allowed the maximum number of show attendees to get a good long look at what just might be the future of hot rodding.

While the 0-60 time is projected as a mere three seconds and the driving range at 100 miles, the car has yet to be put to the test.

Many thanks to Mike at AMP=D and Jeremy at Factory Five for their help in shooting this segment and to CNN’s iReport for airing the clip.

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#1 T Raman on 06.23.10 at 9:46 am

Please try to do a real world test of this car. It would be most interesting to check out and helpful to someone considering an alternative to more conventional electric cars.


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